Saturday, September 18, 2010

Catch up-2 weeks and 2 months

Where to start? I have so many pictures of Kai and they are so great I'm not sure where to even start, I apologize in advance that this is going to be a long post. The first pics are when Kai was 2 weeks old. He was tiny, he dropped down to 5 pounds 5 oz and when I see babies around that size I can't believe he was so tiny. He just fit right into Nick's hands. We had to buy preemie clothes and diapers and they were still too big! He made the sweetest sounds and loved to kick and hold his legs up. By 2 months Kai was starting to gain weight finally! He was super smiley and loved to eat. We read Babywise which was the best thing ever and he was already sleeping 10 hours through the night and on a really good schedule with 3 naps a day. He loved the schedule and would wake up almost to the minute after every nap and in the morning. As long as we keep to his schedule he is so happy and barely even cries! By two months his personality was really beginning to show and we knew we were lucky to have such a happy baby!