Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegas x 2

If you didn't think we were crazy before you will now. Kai has now been to Vegas twice. Yes, we took a 3 month old baby to Vegas. We were worried but he did great! He loves his schedule so he would take naps while we read by the pool. This was his first time in the water and he was mesmerized by the color. He is definitely going to be a little swimmer. He loved riding on our backs around the water. At night he love looking at all the lights and our room had a great view of the Mirage volcano which he also thought was pretty neat. We went for the first time for our 5th anniversary. Crazy how time flies! I love Nick even more now than I did one year ago. We've been through so much and watching Kai grow has just been icing on the cake! I feel so blessed!

The second visit to Vegas was actually with my parents and their neighbors from Brazil whom we all loved dearly. It was so great to meet up with them and to spend time together as a family. This time we were gutsy and flew! We were nervous about the plane ride but Kai did beautifully. He love the air blowing from the ceiling and was flirting with all the ladies. Kai loved the lazy river at the hotel. Everyone at the pool would smile at him and he would just smile back. It was so funny! This is also when Kai learned to blow bubbles really well, thus the awesome faces!

3 months

I still can't believe how fast Kai seems to be growing! I feel like a need a "pause" button in life right now. Everything he does seems amazing! Kai really seems to be growing so fast. Stats at 3 months: weight 12 pounds and height 24 inches. Kai finally slept in his crib! I totally cried because I love the little baby noises and breathing next to my bed but Kai figured out how to move around and he would end up all squished against one side of the bassinet. Kai started to roll and loved grasping fingers! The smiles just seem to be increasing and personality is becoming even more obvious.

I love watching him discover things. He finally figured out that his feet seemed to be attached to the rest of his body! He kept staring at them with such amazement. This was our first Father's Day with Kai. I am so grateful for Nick and for the sacrifices he has made for Kai. He has been such an amazing father! It's so fun to watch him with Kai and I can already tell Kai is going to be so much like his father, he is a little "mini Nick".