Monday, January 17, 2011

5 months

Kai was a rolling machine at 5 months. We made a trip with the Adams up to Bear Lake and had a blast. Kai had lots of first up there. First boat ride, first tennis match, first real sand experience. We had so much fun, thanks Danny, Karly and Ben!

4 months old

Lots of pictures today. Could I be more behind? And my OCD self won't let me post things out of order because some day I want to print my blog. So I apologize in advance for being so far behind. At four months Kai was starting put everything in his mouth and continued to have more smiles and more personality. Nick started working at this point but sacrificed and is only working 3 days a week which is awesome. My parents come once a week so Kai has been in great hands when I can't be there. Kai had a huge bald spot and at this point had lost most of his baby hair. He loved making sounds and it sounds like he has his own language which I've yet to decifer. I'm not sure what we did before he came along, Kai has definitely been our new source of entertainment.